Real-Time Mapping
at the Speed of Life

Introducing CityStream™ Live

the Real-Time Mapping Platform for the modern mobility age

Real-Time Mapping
at the Speed of Life

The Mobility World is Shifting.

Software is rapidly eating our vehicles and our roads.

Digital maps require a new layer of fresh, real-time data to fit modern mobility needs.

Only with Real-Time Mapping can vehicles with advanced driver assistance know what's coming their way, react to varying speed limits, find parking, avoid work zones and one day - drive themselves.

CityStream™ Live makes real-time mapping a reality.

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Real-Time Mapping
Tailored to Your Needs

Current Challenge

With CityStream™ Live


Current Challenge

Configuring and maintaining sophisticated Edge AI and transfer is difficult and expensive, which affects driver notifications and experience.

With CityStream™ Live

With an always up-to-date data pool, drivers will be notified about hazards and signs & signals in real-time, creating a unique, innovative user experience for drivers and customers.

GIS PRoviders

Current Challenge

Relying on survey vehicles and thousands of sources in order to update and maintain data layers is time consuming and expensive.

With CityStream™ Live

Map quality, accuracy and freshness combined with reduced data maintenance costs will impact end user experiences.

Data Platforms

Current Challenge

Without visual data, it's hard to verify meta data and sensor fusion. Benchmarking data for accuracy and quality is also problematic.

With CityStream™ Live

CityStream's vision-based observations enable sensor fusion, verification and enhancement of data sets, delivering a true 360 view.


Current Challenge

Fleet managers and drivers need accurate data in order to deliver reliable ETA, provide routing guidance and maintain vehicle safety.

With CityStream™ Live

Fresh verified data enhances routing and navigation experiences by translating real time observations into actionable evidence-based actions.


Current Challenge

The ability to maintain up-to-date HD maps that include road hazards and other real-world objects detection at scale is limited due to high costs.

With CityStream™ Live

A live stream of information improves vehicle training in real time, as well as enhance, update and supplement your base map.

Public Sector

Current Challenge

Without up-to-date data, it's impossible to manage congestion and maintenance issues.

With CityStream™ Live

High-frequency image data creates unprecedented transparency into your areas of interest, without the need to deploy assets for visual inspection.

How Nexar Builds Maps
in Real Time

crowdsourced vision icon

Crowdsourced Vision

A massive network of "eyes on the road" collects images and videos of any fleets or cars.

edge ai icon

Edge AI

AI models, detection and aggregation algorithms run at the edge of the network for scalable, economic data upload.

change detection icon

Change detection

Real-time detections are aggregated, anonymized and projected onto a base map.

Graphic illustration how Nexar builds maps in real time
Nexar's flywheel finally makes Real-Time Mapping Possible

Mean-Time Between Visits (MTBV) helps you understand the quality and freshness of real-time data.

Nexar's science-based approach, MTBV provides coverage data in a selected area

An GIF or Nexar's Mean-Time Between Visitgs UI

Powered by Millions of Eyes on the Road

Nexar's crowdsourced vision fuels CityStream's unparalleled network of always-fresh mapping


Billion Miles

Road vision data per year



(and growing) in our network of cameras


Monthly coverage of US Roads

nexar network map


Covers more roads than any single OEM fleet


Automatically aggregates petabytes of road information

Technology agnostic

Works with multiple data formats and/or hardware

Low unit economics

Dramatically decreases the cost of mapping each mile.

Real-Time Data
for Your Real-Time Mobility Apps

CityStream™ WorkZones

Live feed and image inspection of detected road work elements

CityStream Work Zone UI Screenshot

CityStream™ RoadInventory

Change detection for road segments and traffic signs

CityStream Work Zone UI Screenshot

CityStream™ VirtualCam

Largest collection of every type of road segment

CityStream Virtual Cam UI Screenshot
Google Logo Image

In the 90s, Google's PageRank harnessed crowd wisdom and indexed the web at 40x lower cost.

In 2022, Nexar is using the same principles to make real-time mapping a reality.

Tailor CityStream™ Live to Your Mobility Needs

CityStream™ Live

  • Curated maps, images, and data sets
  • Streams of alerts, map changes, and inferences

CityStream™ Live

  • Web-based graphical user interface
  • Dedicated dashboards with insights

Learn how to enable modern mobility apps and Services with CityStream™ Live